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Hayley Mills Undressed

Hayley Catherine Rose Vivian Mills (born April 18, 1946) is a British actress.

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She is the younger daughter of the late actor Sir John Mills, and the late playwright Mary Hayley Bell. She is also the younger sister of actress Juliet Mills, who appears on the U.S. soap opera ''Passions''.

Mills was 12 when she was discovered by J. Lee Thompson, who was looking for a boy to play the lead role in ''Tiger Bay'' (1959). Walt Disney's wife, Lillian Disney, loved her acting in ''Tiger Bay'', and suggested to Walt that Hayley be given the lead role in ''Pollyanna'' (1960). Walt adored Hayley instantly, quickly cast her in ''Pollyanna'', and Hayley's career was born. Her infectious portrayal of the "glad girl" who moves in with her aunt catapulted Mills to super-stardom in the United States. It also earned Mills a special Oscar.

Disney knew that Mills would not stay young for long, so he made very effort to capture the growing girl on camera as much as possible. This led to Mills being cast as twins Sharon and Susan who reunite their divorced parents in ''The Parent Trap'' (1961). Mills made four additional films for Disney in a four-year span, including ''In Search of the Castaways'' (1962), ''Summer Magic'' (1963), ''The Moon-Spinners'' (1964), and ''That Darn Cat!'' (1965). During her six-year run at Disney, Mills was arguably the most popular child actress of the era. Critics found it delightfully interesting that America's favorite child star was, in fact, quite British and very lady-like. In 1998, she was awarded the prestigious Disney Legend award by The Walt Disney Company.

In addition to her Disney movies, Mills took the lead in several other films, notably ''Whistle Down the Wind'' (1961), ''The Truth About Spring'' (1964) and ''The Chalk Garden'' (1964).

After her contract with Disney expired in 1966, Mills starred in the innocuous ''The Trouble with Angels'' (1966) opposite Rosalind Russell. Looking to break from her clean-cut, girl-next-door image Mills, went home to England to star in ''The Family Way'' (1966). Though meant to be a light British comedy about a couple having difficulty consumating their marriage, a brief shot of Mills' bum generated a certain amount of controversy upon first release. Though harmless by today's standards, ''The Family Way'' hurt Mills' film career.

It was while filming ''The Family Way'' that 20-year-old Mills met 53-year old director Roy Boulting, who was 33 years her senior. In 1971, Mills and Boulting were married; they were later divorced in 1977. The couple had a one child, Crispian, became a vocalist and lead guitarist for the defunct band Kula Shaker. Mills' second son, Jason Lawson, is the product of a 1970s relatio


Long John commented, on July 7, 2009 at 4:14 a.m.:

She must be very jealous of her sister Juliet who has a proper pair of tits

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